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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Latest News Today

1. Shahbaz Gul read the statement written by Imran, Maryam Aurangzeb will present evidence

Important news, August 11, 2022

ISLAMABAD According to Maryam Aurangzeb, the minister of information, Imran Khan attempted to incite a mutiny within Pakistan's institutions and armed forces. ran a campaign.

Imran Khan wants to set the country on fire, Imran Khan's chief of staff Shahbaz Gul stated in a written statement.

The seeds of hatred Imran Khan sowed are now being reaped; his entire political platform is based on hate, sedition, and foreign finance, and voices from his party are now asking where the foreign cash went. Imran Khan hasn't provided an explanation for the revenue received between 2013 and 2022 based on corruption, instability, and thuggery. The information minister stated during a press conference that today someone experiencing anxiety and terror appeared on television. In his news conference, Imran Khan said that attempts were being made to fight Pakistan's largest political party with the army and to dismantle his organization. Imran Khan is the individual if he is harming someone. The chief of staff and spokeswoman for Imran Khan read his screenplay on the ARY TV station, disobeying all editorial guidelines and airing it. How, he claimed, can Imran Khan make peace with Nawaz Sharif? Three times as prime minister, Nawaz Sharif sacrificed his position but never reneged on his commitment to the constitution. Although Imran Khan continued to incite the institutions to rebel and engage in political interference, Nawaz Sharif had only stated that the institutions should operate within the parameters outlined in the constitution. He declared that all evidence supporting the claim made by Imran Khan's chief of staff on his orders will be made available to the public. He claimed that whereas Imran Khan campaigned against the martyrs after losing the election, Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz have been honoring the martyrs by erecting images of them.

2. The statement given by Shahbaz Gul is not even able to defend it, the analyst

The arrest of Shahbaz Gul is the subject of host Alina Farooq Sheikh's first question on Karachi Geo's "Report Card" segment. Rana Sana claims that Shahbaz Gul's statement is a continuation of Imran Khan's conspiracy claim; is this assertion true? In response to the analysts' claims that Imran Khan made the statement but did not take responsibility for it, Shahbaz Gul claimed that he was unable to justify it and that he should at the very least offer an apology. Shahbaz Gul made a significant speech, but upon reflection, the party offers little backing.

According to Athar Kazmi, the ruling coalition and PTI should conduct their own politics without involving the institutions. Take a look at Khawaja Asif's comments regarding the army to see how Shahbaz Gul's remark must have upset him. Why was PTI under such pressure that neither a leader nor a worker showed up when Shahbaz Gul was brought into court? Imran Khan has been exposed, according to Hafeezullah Niazi, whose body language is similar to that of Lajah today. If Imran Khan had moral bravery, he would have revealed who the neutrals were and whether Mir Jafar or Mir Sadiq was the army head. His popularity won't be of any use.

The physical remand of Shahbaz Gul, handed over to the police for two days, will be presented in the court again tomorrow, a 4-member special investigation team has been formed.

Shahbaz Gul, the chief of staff to former prime minister Imran Khan and chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, was detained by the Islamabad Police. City Magistrate Ghulam Murtaza Chandio has filed the complaint, which has been recorded with the Kohsar Police Station. The FIR claims that Shahbaz Gul threatened the civil bureaucracy, attempted to encourage rebellion, and attempted to splinter the army in a private TV program by linking officers of various ranks to a political party. Before the District and Sessions Court, police were produced. The court released the Tehreek-e-Insaf leader to the police on two days of physical remand after hearing the attorneys' arguments. He will be introduced before the court once more tomorrow.

While Shahbaz Gul's attorney claimed that the integrity of the institution is unaffected by the viewpoint of a single person, Shahbaz Gul asserted that his statement is that of a patriot and that his army supports him. It is an expression of love, not an attempt to incite conflict.
A four-person special investigative team, led by SSP Investigation Syed Farhat Kazmi, SDPO Kohsar, SHO Kohsar, and a sub-inspector, has been formed to look into the case against Shahbaz Gul under ten serious laws, including treason. According to the facts, the Federal Secretary of the Interior submitted an application to the City Magistrate for registration of the case against the detained PTI leader under Sections 120, 124, 131, 153, 153, 505, 506, and 121B-109/34 of the Criminal Code. According to the approval that made it to the police station in Kohsar, on August 8, 2022, Shahaz Gul appeared as a guest on a private channel program and responded to a question by stating that he was a brigadier general with the following lines. tried to distinguish between officials with ranks below and above brigadier. The Lance Naik, Havaldar, soldier, Captain, Major, Colonel, and Brigadier levels within the army are some of the ranks that have been attempted to be linked with a political party. Why did they incite animosity towards these ranks when they genuinely support Pakistan Tehreek-e-agenda? Insafs These ranks are not Pakistan Tehreek-e-family, Insaf's but they do support Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, which is what they want for Pakistan to become.
A coup attempt was launched in the Pakistan Army, and the accused falsely claimed that Pakistan Army officers are feeding against their own martyrs. What do you have to do in your own nation? In comparison to your own institution's martyrs, you are "fading." The accused also threatened the officers while they were performing their responsibilities and incited the officers of other civic institutions to revolt by encouraging them to defy government instructions. We are keeping a watch on everything and everyone participating in this wicked endeavor, therefore I'm pleading with you to keep your job and avoid becoming a tool of this fraudulent, thieving government or their tool. Yes, they will face legal consequences for their actions, and this is a serious agenda. In this way, in response to a different inquiry, the accused attempted to incite patriotism in the army and among the populace, attempted to foment a rebellion in the name of waging war, and simultaneously threatened that if you did not put an end to this rebellion with war, then Pakistan and India would become colonies of America. However, in the midst of all of this, there were those who were throwing mud because we were bound by the order, the order we had received, but you have also read If you are a citizen of Pakistan, you have the knowledge, which means that you are a human being and not insane, blind, or an animal. Tell me, Sir, if the information you are providing is hostile to the Conscious Army of my own nation. It will make my intent weaker. Tell me as well that the knowledge you are imparting will never be able to overthrow a world army until the vast majority of its citizens are on their feet. You are providing the majority of the knowledge. You will hurt the close link of love between the army and the people if you do this. It shouldn't be recalled.

We think that a man must follow commands when performing a job, but while doing so, he must ensure that his patriotism does not cross the line into treason or render him an illegal alien. You are not following the directive. You don't just take your weapons to the border to defend yourself. Today, if the people of Pakistan do not fight this battle in their streets, in their squares, at their universities, in their hospitals, and in all other public places, then we shall perish forever. We will become colonies of both India and America, and they will rule over us. We won't be able to maintain our nation's independence. The conflict that is currently raging is a conflict of narratives and a conflict over what matters most to our nation and our independence. While carrying out a well-planned strategy, the accused uttered all of these things on the TV channel while consulting with his fellow coworkers. gave them every opportunity to do so, broadcast this show with the explicit intent of inciting violence against the institutions, and made a concerted effort to convince them to go to war. This statement was made with the intent of inciting animosity for the military among the populace, plotting to divide the army into many factions, and motivating young people to defy their leaders' commands. In order to further the hateful and extremist purpose of the accused, the remark was issued in a way that would weaken, split, and harm Pakistan's army and national integrity. In doing so, the accused collaborated to advance an anti-national agenda. additionally committed a crime.

I beg your assistance; the Capital Police's ATS unit detained Shahbaz Gul while he was traveling to Bani Gala House. When the police stopped Shahbaz Gul, he didn't lower the window or open the door. Shahbaz Gul was taken to a private automobile after the official broke the back door's glass to open it. For a number of hours, the PTI struggled to comprehend the situation, and Imran Khan accused Shahbaz Gul of kidnapping. The interior minister later verified the arrest at a news conference and characterized Shahbaz Gul's comments as the result of a planned conspiracy. declared their intention to reveal the characters. A four-person special inquiry team, led by SSP Investigation Syed Farhat Kazmi, has been established to look into the allegations against Shahbaz Gul, including treason, under ten serious laws. The SHO Kohsar Inspector Muhammad Arshad, the Investigating Officer Sub-Inspector Talat, and the SDPO Kohsar Khalid Awan make up the special committee that Operations Sohail Zafar Chatta established. Within 7 days, the committee will deliver the DIG Operations a report on the probe. The matter was heard by the on-call magistrate Umar Shabbir on Wednesday when Shehbaz Gul was brought before the District and Sessions Court by the Kohsar police station. The police representatives demanded that the accused Shahbaz Gul's cellphone and the piece of paper that he was reading while speaking to the court be returned when arguing for physical remand. Shahbaz Gul's attorney responded that his client did not complete the program at anyone's request in response to the police's assertion that they must look into who requested it. The police wanted to put Shehbaz Gul in physical detention for 14 days, but his attorney Faisal Chaudhry objected. The defense attorney for Shahbaz Gul asked the judge to remand Shahbaz Gul in custody. The court deferred making a ruling after hearing arguments from both sides.

3. The Army Chief arrived in Britain on an official visit

General Qamar Javed Bajwa, the head of the army, arrived in the UK for an official visit.

The Army Chief will be a special visitor at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst's passing-out parade, according to ISPR. ISPR reports that during his visit, Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa will also have a meeting with the British military hierarchy.

4. British Prime Ministerial Candidate Liz Truss's big Statement about Pakistan

In Britain, Listers, a candidate for Prime Minister, has stated that she will work to boost trade with Pakistan. Listers stated that attempts would be made to reach a trade agreement at the Commonwealth level while speaking at an online meeting of the Conservative Friends of Pakistan. Additionally, he stated that the Kashmir dispute should be settled amicably by Pakistan and India. Lord Zameer Chaudhary, Mohammad Afzal, and Tariq Ahmed, a minister for the foreign office, all attended the meeting.

Sports news:

Interesting protest of Ishan Kishan, who was left out of the Indian team

Young batter Ishan Kishan was not included in the Indian Cricket Board's team for the Asia Cup. Ishan Kishan was omitted from the Indian lineup, which now includes veteran KL Rahul and former captain Virat Kohli. Ishan Kishan scored 430 runs at a stunning average of 30.71 while playing 14 T20 matches for India this year. He posted a poem on the image and video-sharing website Instagram Story after leaving the squad, though.
Ishan Kishan should be mentioned as not even being one of the team's reserve three players.

The image she posted on Stowers with her look is as follows:

"Not to act that way anymore, not even to get hurt
You will burn if someone believes you are a fool.
Staying behind, Bella (name) will manage everything.
Do not vanish like everyone before you.
Where will I end up if others refuse to listen to me?
Alternatively, I'll take hate (hate) and transform it."

Asia Cup, Preparations for Netherlands Tour, Pakistan Team Practice Match

For their upcoming trip to the Netherlands and the Asia Cup, the Pakistan cricket team is currently preparing. The Pakistani team trounced the Pakistan Shaheens by 92 runs during the practice game in Lahore. In preparation for the tour of the Netherlands and the Asia Cup, the Pakistani team faced off against the Pakistan Shaheens in a practice game at the LCCA Ground. The Pakistani squad achieved 290 runs in 50 overs while losing 6 wickets, while Imam-ul-Haq retired having amassed 82 runs.
For their upcoming trip to the Netherlands and the Asia Cup, the Pakistan cricket team is currently preparing. Shaheen's players were dismissed by Mir Hamza, Abrar Ahmed, and Zahid Mehmood while Babar Azam scored 56 runs, Fakhar Zaman scored 45 runs, and Khushdil Shah scored 44 runs. 198 runs were scored by the Shaheens in response, including 44 runs from Abdullah Shafiq, 27 runs from Mohammad Haris, and 27 runs each from Abdul Wahid Bengalzai and Mohammad Haris. Muhammad Nawaz took four wickets for the national squad.

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